Ocean Rain

I can’t wait for the four Ocean Rain shows in September. They will be Majestic. And they will be Spiritual. And those songs, on that album, will mean more than they have ever meant.


They were written with a destiny in mind. One of our own making. They were never merely to do with the times and places they were written in, and us and our songs are/were so way above the rest. The rest, as in the others, the so-called alternative others, who to me just merged together into one big foggy fogginess of crap fog…Ocean Rain is from somewhere else, somewhere a million trillion light years away and beyond maybe…it came from the future I think. It must have.

Ocean Rain shows

P.S. I just had a thought that these four Ocean Rain shows will probably be the last Ocean Rain shows we’ll ever do…how weird and mad is that? 😎👍Ian McCulloch…🥊.

Ocean Rain Live Shows 20223

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