Just a quick note of correction about something that I was quoted as saying in some lazy Times newspaper hack journalist’s review of our brilliant Roundhouse show a few days ago, in which the aforementioned hack alleged that I said to the audience “Everyone here from London ?” and after the majority said they were, indeed, from London, I then said the word “sad” which sounds quite different from the word I did actually say…That word is, was, and ever will be “SOUND” ! which even aliens from another galaxy would recognise as a Scouse way of saying something is good or positive in the context I used it. How people who can’t hear properly are paid to review music is a mystery to me. I’m only writing this to correct some idiot’s potentially harmful connotations our fans might take from his almost deliberate misquoting…😎

Ian McCulloch silhouette
Ian McCulloch silhouette copyright Peter Allen

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